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    NEWS: Morning report on the prices of the three major textile raw materials


    Morning report on the prices of the three major textile raw materials on September 22

    Time: 2020-05-19

    Cotton (9.21): The stock is stable, and the merchants are clearing their stocks to wait for new cotton. The hand-picked cotton 3128 and 2128 grades in Henan, Xinjiang and Xinjiang are offered for sale at around 16,500 yuan / ton. There are a small amount of new year's real estate cotton listed on the market, and a single and double 28-level price of 15100 yuan / ton gross weight is short-term to the factory price. The purchase price of seed cotton is relatively strong. The purchase price of some ginning factories in Hebei is 3.5 yuan / jinyifen. The purchase volume is not large, and the quality is strictly controlled. The price level in Xinjiang is also 7.5 yuan / kg.

    Polyester staple fiber (9.21): PTA futures were weak and volatile in the morning, the polyester market was partially adjusted, the price of polyester staple fiber increased, and the mainstream price of 1.4D direct-spun polyester staple fiber in Jiangsu and Zhejiang was 8950-9150 yuan / ton. Narrowing, relative to mainstream negotiations or around 8900-9050 yuan / ton ex-factory, partly higher or around 9100-9150 yuan / ton ex-factory.

    Viscose staple fiber (9.21): Due to the increase in the prices of raw materials and accessories, recent viscose staple fiber manufacturers have tended to increase their prices. Since the early part of the week, some manufacturers have raised their prices by 100-200 yuan / ton. The quotation has also been raised by one hundred yuan, and mainstream manufacturers such as Yami, Aoyang and Tangshan Sanyou have successively raised their quotations. At present, the high-end quotation is 16600 yuan / ton, and the mid-range mainstream quotation is 16300-16500 yuan / ton.

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